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Toledo Sensor Socket Master Set 3/8″ & 1/2″ Drive 21Pc


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Specially designed sensor socket set for use in automotive engine management applications
Manufactured from high quality chrome molybdenum steel for strength and durability
3/8” or 1/2” square drive in hex and double hex socket design
21 piece set contains useful sockets for removing oil pressure, vacuum and oxygen sensors
Specifications Description?Socket Size?Length?Points

1/2” Sq. Dr.?17mm?79mm?12 Pt.

1/2” Sq. Dr.?19mm?78mm?12 Pt.

1/2” Sq. Dr.?20mm?78mm?6 Pt.

1/2” Sq. Dr.?21mm?90mm?12 Pt.

1/2” Sq. Dr.?22mm?78mm?12 Pt.

3/8” Sq. Dr.?22mm?80mm?6 Pt.

3/8” Sq. Dr.?22mm?90mm?6 Pt.

1/2” Sq. Dr.?22mm?110mm?12 Pt.

1/2” Sq. Dr.?22mm?150mm?12 Pt.

1/2” Sq. Dr.Multi-position?22mm?72.5mm?6 Pt.

3/8” Sq. Dr.?22mm, Offset?L81 x H30.5mm?6 Pt.

1/2” Sq. Dr. Multi-position?22mm, Offset?L81 x H49mm?6 Pt.

Socket wrench, adjustable?22mm?220mm?6 Pt.

3/8” Sq. Dr.?27mm?74mm?12 Pt.

1/2” Sq. Dr.?27mm?110mm?12 Pt.

1/2” Sq. Dr.?27mm?78mm?12 Pt.

1/2” Sq. Dr.?27mm?77.5mm?6 Pt.

1/2” Sq. Dr.?28mm?78mm?12 Pt.

1/2” Sq. Dr.?28mm?82.75mm?6 Pt.

1/2” Sq. Dr.?29mm?90mm?6 Pt.

1/2” Sq. Dr.?30mm?78mm?12 Pt.

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Toledo Sensor Socket Master Set 3/8″ & 1/2″ Drive 21Pc

In stock (can be backordered)