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Automotive Workshop Tools

Welcome to Blue Bar Industries! Explore our extensive range of workshop tools designed to meet your professional needs. We offer a wide variety of tools to assist you in various tasks, from air and banding tools to diagnostic and inspection equipment. With our high-quality products, you can enhance your workshop capabilities and achieve exceptional results.

Air, Banding, Honing & Riveting Tools:

Discover our collection of air tools, banding tools, honing equipment, and riveting tools. These tools are perfect for tasks that require precision and reliability. Whether you're working with metal or other materials, our air, banding, honing, and riveting tools will help you achieve professional results.

Clamping, Cleaning & Feeler Gauges Tools:

When it comes to clamping, cleaning, and measuring, we have you covered. Our range of clamping tools ensures secure and stable workpieces. Keep your workspace clean and organized with our cleaning tools. Additionally, our feeler gauges provide accurate measurements, enabling you to achieve precision in your projects.

Diagnostic, Inspection & Circuit Testing Tools:

Ensure the smooth operation of your machinery with our diagnostic, inspection, and circuit testing tools. These tools enable you to identify and troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently. Trust our reliable equipment to keep your workshop running at its best.

Hammers & Striking Tools:

From hammers to mallets and punches, our striking tools are designed for durability and efficiency. Whether you need to drive nails or shape metal, our hammers and striking tools will meet your demands. Choose from a range of sizes and materials to find the perfect tool for your needs.

Pipe, Tube, Hose Tools:

Work with pipes, tubes, and hoses confidently using our specialized tools. We offer a comprehensive selection of pipe, tube, and hose tools that ensure secure connections, efficient cutting, and precise shaping. Upgrade your workshop with our reliable tools.

Prying & Pick Up Tools:

Need assistance with prying or retrieving objects in tight spaces? Our prying and pick-up tools are designed to make your work easier. With these tools, you can access hard-to-reach areas and retrieve objects with precision and ease.

Ratchets & Torque Tools:

Achieve optimal tightening and loosening with our ratchets and torque tools. Whether you need to fasten or loosen bolts, our ratchets and torque tools provide the control and accuracy you require. Explore our range to find the perfect tool for your application.

Screwdrivers, Keys, Bits & Access Tools:

Discover our wide selection of screwdrivers, keys, bits, and access tools. From precision screwdrivers to versatile bit sets, we have the tools you need to tackle any screw-related task. Enhance your efficiency and productivity with our reliable tools.

Sockets & Spanners:

When it comes to nuts and bolts, our sockets and spanners deliver the performance and reliability you need. Our range includes a variety of sizes and configurations to ensure a perfect fit for every application. Choose Blue Bar Industries for your socket and spanner needs.

Thread & Bolt, Service & Maintenance Tools:

Maintaining and servicing your equipment is essential for optimal performance. Our thread and bolt tools, as well as service and maintenance tools, are designed to help you keep your machinery in top condition. Trust our tools to simplify your maintenance tasks and ensure the longevity of your equipment.

At Blue Bar Industries, we are dedicated to providing high-quality workshop tools that meet the demands of professionals like you. Explore our product categories and find the perfect tools to enhance your workshop capabilities. Trust in our commitment to quality and reliability as you take your projects to new heights.


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