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Battery and Alternator Accessories

Battery Terminals, Battery Leads, Alternator Leads, Cable Lugs

Blue Bar Industries offers a wide range of high-quality automotive parts, including batteries and alternators. We understand the importance of having a reliable electrical system in your vehicle, which is why we offer only the best products to our customers.

One of the essential components of any battery system is the battery terminal. Battery terminals are the connection points between the battery and the rest of the electrical system, and they must be secure and properly connected to ensure reliable electrical flow.

At Blue Bar Industries, we offer a variety of battery terminals to meet your needs. Our selection includes top-quality terminals from trusted brands like Toledo, which are designed to provide a secure and reliable connection between your battery and your vehicle's electrical system.

We offer a variety of battery terminal types, including top-post, side-post, and universal terminals, so you can find the right terminal for your specific battery type and application. Our selection includes both standard and heavy-duty terminals, ensuring that we have the right option for your needs.

In addition to our selection of battery terminals, we also offer a range of other battery and alternator components, including cables, connectors, testers, and more. Whether you're looking to replace a worn-out battery cable or need to test the health of your battery, we have the tools and components you need to keep your electrical system running smoothly.


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