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Ignition Sensing Lead 6 B&S x 6m w/ 4mm Ignition Wire -12v


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Perfect lead for running power to you DC to DC or BC to DC

Includes 4mm Ignition lead with fuse taps

Main Cable: 6 B&S (13mm2) twin core rated at 89 amps continuous as a twin core

Ignition Wire: 4mm (1.84mm2) single core rated at 28 amps continuous as a single core

Battery lugs: 8mm ring heavy duty copper lugs (6 or 10mm can be substituted if required)

Fuse: 50 amp midi (slow blow) other amp rated fuses can be used from 20 amp to 175 amp

Connector: Triple Anderson Style Plug with Positive, Negative and Ignition Wire terminated

A 2nd Triple Anderson Style plug is included or we can substitute with lugs if going straight to a charger

Lead is pre made to 6m but we can make to any length required. Please contact to make a change

We also include a standard size and a mini size fuse tap for the ignition wire

Australia Made accredited item

In stock (can be backordered)


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Ignition Sensing Lead 6 B&S x 6m w/ 4mm Ignition Wire -12v

In stock (can be backordered)