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Dual Battery

Welcome to Blue Bar Industries, your ultimate destination for high-quality 12-24V products and accessories designed for dual battery and 4WD applications. Our comprehensive selection caters to the diverse needs of off-road enthusiasts, campers, and professionals who rely on dependable power solutions in their vehicles and equipment.

At Blue Bar Industries, we offer a wide array of products to ensure that your dual battery and 4WD systems are efficient, reliable, and safe. Our range includes:

  1. 12v extension leads: Extend the reach of your power connections with our durable and flexible 12v extension leads.
  2. Battery and starter cables: Ensure optimal power transfer and minimize voltage drop with our high-quality battery and starter cables.
  3. Busbars: Simplify your wiring and power distribution with our reliable busbars.
  4. Deutsch Plugs: Secure your electrical connections with weatherproof and robust Deutsch Plugs.
  5. Fuses & circuit breakers: Protect your vehicle's electrical system with our assortment of fuses and circuit breakers.
  6. Power connections: Choose from various power connections to suit your specific requirements.
  7. Relays 12-24v: Safely control high-current devices with our versatile 12-24v relays.
  8. Solar panels: Harness the power of the sun with our efficient solar panels designed for 12-24v systems.
  9. Solar Regulators: Maximize the performance of your solar panels with our advanced solar regulators.
  10. Solenoids: Control high-current circuits with our durable solenoids.
  11. Switch Panels: Organize and control your vehicle's electrical devices with our customizable switch panels.
  12. 12 / 24 v adaptors: Convert between 12 and 24 volts with our convenient and reliable adaptors.
  13. Anderson Plugs: Create secure and high-current connections with our heavy-duty Anderson Plugs.
  14. Volt & AMP Meter Accessories: Monitor your vehicle's power usage with our selection of volt and AMP meter accessories.
  15. Battery Boxes: Safely store and transport your batteries with our durable battery boxes.
  16. 12 / 24 isolators: Protect your vehicle's electrical system and extend battery life with our reliable 12 / 24 isolators.

Choose Blue Bar Industries for all your dual battery and 4WD accessory needs, and experience the difference in quality and performance that our products offer. Visit our website to explore our collection and place your order today!


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