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12 Volt Recovery Products

Blue Bar Industries offers a wide range of high-quality recovery products designed to assist you in various 12-24V recovery situations. Our collection includes essential tools and equipment to ensure a safe and successful recovery operation.

Jack & Lift Kits: Our jack and lift kits are designed to provide stable and reliable lifting capabilities, allowing you to safely elevate your vehicle for tire changes or undercarriage access. With their sturdy construction and easy-to-use features, our jack and lift kits are essential tools for any off-road adventure or roadside emergency.

Recovery Tracks: When you find yourself stuck in mud, sand, or other challenging terrains, our recovery tracks come to the rescue. These durable and lightweight tracks provide traction and grip, allowing your vehicle to gain traction and maneuver out of difficult situations.

Shovel: A sturdy and reliable shovel is a must-have in any recovery kit. Our shovels are designed for durability and versatility, capable of digging out debris, creating traction, or clearing obstacles that hinder your recovery efforts.

Straps: Our high-quality recovery straps are essential for safely towing or recovering vehicles. Made from strong and durable materials, these straps provide the strength and reliability needed to handle various recovery scenarios. They are available in different lengths and load capacities to suit your specific needs.

Winch: A winch is a powerful tool that can pull your vehicle out of tough spots or assist in recovering other vehicles. Our winches are built to withstand demanding conditions, offering reliable pulling power and control to tackle even the most challenging recovery situations.

At Blue Bar Industries, we understand the importance of reliable and durable recovery products. Our collection is carefully selected to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, ensuring your peace of mind during recovery operations.

Equip yourself with the right tools and equipment for a successful recovery mission. Explore our selection of recovery products today and trust Blue Bar Industries to provide you with the reliable solutions you need for your 12-24V recovery needs.


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