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Toledo Preform Band Clamp Punch Tool


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  • Safely and quickly installs preform style clamp
  • Tool has tension, punch and cut off function
  • Supplied with complete operating instructions
  • For use on 15 and 16mm wide preform band clamp
  • Overall Length: 300mm

Instructions Step 1: Load Clamp
Push tension handle all the way forward. Insert the centre punch clamp tail all the way into the tool.

Step 2: Tighten Clamp
Tighten the clamp with short downward strokes. The tension handle should be in down position at completion of tightening the clamp If clamp tension needs to be released before locking, move the slide back against the spring. This will raise the pulling dog.

Step 3: Lock Clamp
Hold the tension handle down and lock the clamp by hitting punch at least twice with a 1kg mallet.

Step 4: Remove Clamp Tail
Hold the hose and jerk the tool back and forth until the clamp tail breaks off. Remove the excess tail from the tool by using the tension handle and pulling it through. When it has moved through the holding dog, raise the tension handle and pull tail free.
Spares 321002A│ Replacement Punch

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Toledo Preform Band Clamp Punch Tool

In stock (can be backordered)