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8 B&S (7.56mm2) Cable x 10m Dual Twin Core


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8 B&S Cable x 10m Genuine Australian TYCAB Wire Oxygen Free

Perfect for Dual Battery systems, running power to caravans, DC-DC systems

Outer sheath has a red trace to show which side the positive wire is located. Inner sheaths are red and black.Much less voltage drop over long distances then lighter weight wire or cable.

Genuine Australian TYCAB oxygen free cable for a quality, long lasting finish.  Cheaper imported wire can have defects and while quoting high amperage actual real values may differ significantly

V90 PVC Insulated and Sheathed
Applications: Battery and Starter Cable
Conductor:    OXYGEN FREE Plain Copper Wire to AS/NZS 1125
Insulation:      V90 PVC to AS/NZS 3808
Nearest B & S                                             8
Strand No. / Size                                        96/0.32
Nominal Area (mm²)                                   7.71
**AMP Rating at 30°C                                 74
Insulation Thickness (mm)                          0.9
Electrical Resistance at 20°C (ohm/km)     2.4

Nominal O.D. (mm)                                     5.5

10m is measured and cut from a longer roll of 8 B&S cable

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8 B&S (7.56mm2) Cable x 10m Dual Twin Core

In stock (can be backordered)