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2 B&S (35mm2) 188 amp Copper Cable Single Core Aussie Made

$20.50$1,718.00 inc gst

2 B&S (35mm2) 188 amp Copper Cable Single Core Aussie Made
Nom Area: 32.07mm2
Rated to 188 amps Continuous Use
Applications: Battery and Starter Cable, Inverter, Dc-Dc Systems
Conductor: OXYGEN FREE Plain Copper Wire to AS/NZS 1125
Insulation: V90 PVC to AS/NZS 3808
Australian Made
UV Stable
5V90 PVC Cable
Fits 175 amp Anderson Plugs
Fits 35mm2 cable lugs
Suitable for dual battery installations, medium sized inverters, battery leads, starter leads etc
Various Lengths and choice of Red or Black Sheath
SKU: TYCAB ABC145503BK-100m, TYCAB ABC145503BK-30m, TYCAB ABC145503BK-20m, TYCAB ABC145503BK-15m, TYCAB ABC145503BK-13m, TYCAB ABC145503BK-12m, TYCAB ABC145503BK-10m, TYCAB ABC145503BK-8m, TYCAB ABC145503BK-8m, TYCAB ABC145503BK-6m, TYCAB ABC145503BK-5m, TYCAB ABC145503BK-3m, TYCAB ABC145503BK-2m, TYCAB ABC145503BK-1m, TYCAB ABC145503BK-500mm, ABC145503RD-100m, ABC145503RD-30m, TYCAB ABC145503RD-20m, TYCAB ABC145503RD-15m, TYCAB ABC145503RD-13m, TYCAB ABC145503RD-12m, TYCAB ABC145503RD-10m, TYCAB ABC145503RD-8m TYCAB ABC145503RD-7m, TYCAB ABC145503RD-6m, TYCAB ABC145503RD-5m, TYCAB ABC145503RD-3m, TYCAB ABC145503RD-2m, TYCAB ABC145503RD-1m, TYCAB ABC145503RD-500mm, TYCAB ABC145503RD-300mm, TYCAB ABC145503BK-300mm Categories: , Tags: , , , , , , , ,
Brands:Austech , Tycab


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Red Black Sheath
2 B&S (35mm2) 188 amp Copper Cable Single Core Aussie Made
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