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150 amp Watt Meter with Anderson Plugs 12 Volt


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150 amp Watt Meter Digital Volt Solar Caravan 4×4 Camping 12V Amp / Voltmeter

Ever wondered how much charge your car fridge battery is using?
Or, how much charge is going into your back up battery from your solar set-up?
Or even how effective your DC to DC system is operating?

Then you need one of the already pre-assembled and ready to use 150 amp all in one voltage / amp / watt meters.

Plug the 150amp watt meter to instantly test

  • Amp Hours (Ah) – The total charge Ah delivered from source to load
  • Amp Peak (Ap) – Highest amp value delievered
  • Amp (A) – Amps being delivered at that point in time
  • Voltage – Source voltage and minimum source voltage. Good for measuring voltage at lowest point of charge (e.g. your car fridge battery over a period of time)

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150 amp Watt Meter with Anderson Plugs 12 Volt

In stock (can be backordered)