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Trailer Vision 120amp Lead Side Anderson Connector Cover


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120A Anderson connector cover. Featuring a UV protection rubber case with a retractable locking tab, this innovative design ensures a secure connection for 120 Amp Anderson plug cable installs.

The durable UV-stabilized rubber seal dust cap protects SB 120 Anderson connector terminals from weather, dust and debris – for connection reliability and longevity.

Trailer Vision’s rubber 120A Anderson connector mounting kit is designed for mobile motion applications. The gland nut with rubber insert provides a tight seal for securing the cable to the connector and protects terminals from jolting and compression when towing over uneven ground.

Compatible with genuine 120A Anderson connector & Anderson-style plugs. Suitable for mating with Trailer Vision connector protective cover socket series such as TV-201426-120.

Trailer Vision products are tested and manufactured to Australian safety standards and harsh conditions. Patented in Australia, US, and China. 120A Anderson connector is not included.

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Trailer Vision TVN349380-120 Lead Side 120 amp Anderson Plug Cover
Trailer Vision 120amp Lead Side Anderson Connector Cover

In stock (can be backordered)