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Toledo Cooling System Pressure Vacuum Refill Kit – 3 Pc


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Vacuum purge and refill kit
User guide included
Instructions Step 1:
Pressure test cooling system to ensure no leaks.

Step 2:
Drain coolant from vehicle and flush if necessary.

Step 3:
Mount gauge assembly under bonnet using chain and hook.

Step 4:
Select correct cooling system adaptor and connect to cooling system ensuring a complete seal.

Step 5:
Ensure all taps and switches are in the off position. Connect the thin clear PVC drain tube to the gauge assembly directing overflow to bucket.

Step 6:
Connect airline to air inlet male airline brass fitting. Ensure tap is open then push on/off switch to the open position.

Step 7:
Once required vacuum is achieved turn tap to the off position and close the on/off switch.

Step 8:
Connect the coolant large clear hose to the assembly quick release fitting and insert into the replacement new coolant.

Step 9:
Turn tap to the on position to allow replacement coolant to be drawn into the cooling system. When gauge reading reaches zero disconnect assembly from the cooling system. Check coolant level and top up if required.
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308559 Cooling System Tester Adaptor – Tapered Rubber Cone 1
308560 Cooling System Tester Adaptor – Hose Set 1
308558 Cooling System Tester Vacuum Filler Assembly 1

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Toledo Cooling System Pressure Vacuum Refill Kit – 3 Pc

In stock (can be backordered)