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Toledo Metric Analogue Dial Gauge – 0.01x10mm


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Specifications ■ Type: Metric
■ Graduation Range: 0.01 x 10mm
■ Reading: ±0-50-100
■ Indication Error:
1/10 Revolution – 6μm
1/2 Revolution – ±7μm
One Revolution – ±8μm
Two Revolution – ±10μm
Full Measuring Range – ±10μm
■ Retrace Error: 4μm
■ Repeatability: 5μm
■ Measuring Force: < 1.4N


High precision expert dial gauges for precision measuring work

Dial face with O-ring and internal housing sealing ensures unit is waterproof and dustproof

Shock-proof mechanism prevents damage to the internal gears if the spindle is pushed abruptly

Superior quality spindle rack, pinions and gear trains ensure longevity

Easy read design incorporates white dial face with black graduations and pointer needle

Knurled Bezel provides a firm and secure grip

Securely fitted back cover with four locking screws enables lug to rotate at 90° angles

Made in Japan

In stock (can be backordered)


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Toledo Metric Analogue Dial Gauge – 0.01x10mm

In stock (can be backordered)