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Toledo Compression Tester Kit Digital – Petrol


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Versatile kit provides a quick means of testing cylinder compression pressure on engines with deep, recessed spark plugs and difficult access
Special air hold valve is included for easy resetting of the gauge
Digital pressure gauge displays readouts in PSI, BAR and KPA
Set contains long flexible hose and adaptors, eliminates the need to remove secondary equipment such as A/C, power brake, manifold and steering components
Measurement range digital gauge: 0-300PSI
Measurement range quick check standard gauge: 0-200PSI
Name Qty
Adaptor Solid Long M18 x 1.5 x 64mm 1
Adaptor Solid Short M10 x 1.0 x 42mm 1
Adaptor Solid Short M12 x 1.25 x 42mm 1
Air Hose Adaptor 38mm 1
Hose Assembly 420mm 1
Hose M14 x 1.25 x 300mm (Long Thread 18mm) 1
Hose M14 x 1.25 x 300mm (Short Thread 10mm) 1
Hose M18 x 1.5 x 300mm (Short Thread 10mm) 1
Replacement Seal & Valve Kit Contains 8 Seals & 2 Pressure Relief Valves 1
Digital Gauge & Hose Assembly 0–300 PSI (0–21kg/cm²) 1
Analogue Gauge & Hose Assembly–Quick Check M14 x 1.25 & M18 x 1.5, 0–200 PSI 1

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Toledo Compression Tester Kit Digital – Petrol

In stock (can be backordered)