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Sykes Pickavant & Toledo Slide Hammers


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BlueBar Industries is pleased to offer a wide range of slide hammer kits from renowned brands Sykes Pickavant and Toledo. Our slide hammers are designed to provide power and precision when it comes to pulling and extracting tasks. Whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, our slide hammer kits are essential tools for various applications.

Sykes Pickavant and Toledo are trusted names in the industry, known for their quality and reliability. These slide hammer kits are crafted with precision and built to withstand demanding tasks. They are designed to assist in removing stubborn components such as bearings, gears, and other parts that require a strong pulling force.

Our slide hammer kits feature a combination of slide hammers, attachments, and accessories, providing you with a comprehensive solution for your pulling and extracting needs. The slide hammers are engineered with ergonomic handles for comfortable grip and control, allowing you to apply force effectively while minimizing fatigue.

The attachments included in the kits offer versatility and adaptability. From hooks and adapters to pullers and dent puller attachments, you'll have the right tools at your disposal to tackle a wide range of pulling and extracting tasks. These attachments are engineered for durability and designed to securely grip and remove components without causing damage.

At BlueBar Industries, we prioritize quality and performance. That's why we offer slide hammer kits from trusted brands like Sykes Pickavant and Toledo. These brands are known for their innovation and commitment to producing tools that meet the highest industry standards.

Investing in a Sykes Pickavant or Toledo slide hammer kit from BlueBar Industries means equipping yourself with reliable tools that will make your pulling and extracting tasks more efficient and effective. Visit today and explore our selection of slide hammer kits. With BlueBar Industries, you can rely on the power and precision of Sykes Pickavant and Toledo to get the job done right.


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