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Mechanical Pulling & Extracting Tools

Blue Bar Industries is a top-tier destination for both professionals and hobbyists seeking a wide range of high-quality tools designed for pulling and extracting various parts. With a diverse range of product categories available, including Bearing Separators, Diesel Injector, Harmonic Balancer & Pulley, Hub, Axel & Steering Wheel Pullers, Hydraulic Pullers & Spares, Mechanical Pullers, Press Support Tools, Screw Extracting, Slide Hammer Set, Split Collet Extractors, and more, users can find the ideal tool for their specific needs.

For instance, the Bearing Separators are perfect for separating bearings from shafts and housings without damaging them, making them a suitable option for automotive, industrial, and agricultural applications. The Diesel Injector, Harmonic Balancer & Pulley pullers come in various sizes and designs, providing a tailored solution to remove stubborn injectors, balancers, and pulleys from diesel engines.

The Hub, Axel & Steering Wheel Pullers are designed to remove wheels, hubs, axles, and steering wheels, and they are made of durable materials capable of withstanding high stress and pressure. The Hydraulic Pullers & Spares deliver maximum pulling force with minimal effort, making them an excellent option for heavy-duty pulling applications where high force is required.

Mechanical Pullers, on the other hand, are perfect for removing gears, bearings, and other components in tight spaces, and they come in different sizes and designs, making them suitable for various applications. Press Support Tools provide excellent stability and durability during pressing operations, thanks to their high-quality materials.

Screw Extracting tools come in different sizes and designs to fit various screw types and sizes, allowing users to remove damaged or broken screws with ease. Slide Hammer Set is a versatile tool used for pulling bearings, gears, and other components, and they come with different attachments and weights to suit various pulling needs.

Finally, Split Collet Extractors are perfect for removing bearings, gears, and other components without causing any damage. They come in different sizes and designs, providing a tailored solution for different applications. In addition, Blue Bar Industries also offers a wide range of spares and accessories for their pulling and extracting tools, ensuring that users can always find the right tool and parts they need.

Blue Bar Industries' extensive selection of high-quality pulling and extracting tools is ideal for meeting the diverse needs of both professionals and hobbyists alike. With exceptional customer service and a reputation for reliability, Blue Bar Industries has become a trusted name in the industry.


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