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Whitevision Red/Amber ‘Hamburger’ LED Rear Lamp S/T/Indicator

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Applications • Trucks • Heavy Trailers • Dangerous Goods
Functions Stop / Rear Position / Rear Direction Indicator / Reverse
Voltage 9-33V DC Varivolt / 24V only options
Wattage Stop: 4.92W @12V

Rear Position: 2.92W @12V

Rear Direction Indicator: 4.92W @12V

Reverse: 2.52W @12V

Mounting Surface Mount, Modular System
Materials High Impact PMMA Lens ABS Body
Environmental IP67 Hermetically Sealed
Cable Length 0.2M Per Module
Dimensions 452x167x65mm
ADR Compliance Stop & Rear Position:49/00, Rear Direction Indicator:6/00:Cat2a, Reverse:1/00
CRN Certification CRL800LEDV; Stop: 29753 Rear Position: 29754 indicator: 29713
RV800LED; 37612
SL800LED; Stop 29714 / Rear Position 29783
FL800LED; eMark



Enhanced optics to match vehicle styling

140mm round module profile for high visibility

360 degree lamp and housing sealing

Optional LED loading for compatibility

Fully ADR compliant

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Whitevision CRL800LED Red/Amber ‘Hamburger’ LED Stop/Tail/Indicator
Whitevision Red/Amber ‘Hamburger’ LED Rear Lamp S/T/Indicator

In stock