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Toledo Universal Wheel Lock Nut Removal Kit 14pc Ø 19.4 – 29.8


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Size Range mm Ø 19.4 – 29.8
Name Qty
Socket driver punch 1
Pin Punch 1
Driver adaptor 1
Driver adaptor 1
Socket – 19.4mm 1
Socket – 20.4mm 1
Socket – 21.4mm 1
Socket – 22.4mm 1
Socket – 23.4mm 1
Socket – 24.4mm 1
Socket – 25.4mm 1
Socket – 27.8mm 1
Socket – 28.8mm 1
Socket – 29.8mm 1


Professional tool kit designed for removing wheel lock nuts on most factory and aftermarket wheels without causing damage

Conical shaped design allows sockets to fit firmly over the lock nuts

Universal tool suitable for various size and shape wheel nuts or bolts

Includes punch set for installation and removal

Knurled punches provide additional grip during use

Suitable for use with impact wrench or breaker bar

Heavy duty construction for strength and durability

Supplied in custom moulded foam tray in plastic hard case

Punch overall lengths: 170mm

Socket depth: 25mm

Size range from (conical socket): Ø19.4, 20.4, 21.4, 22.4, 23.4, 24.4, 25.4, 27.8, 28.8, 29.8mm

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Toledo 309250 Wheel Lock Nut Removal Kit 14pc
Toledo Universal Wheel Lock Nut Removal Kit 14pc Ø 19.4 – 29.8

In stock (can be backordered)