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Matson DC to DC Charger 12v 40 amp Solar Input Lithium Compatible


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The MA40DCS is a sophisticated multi-stage chargers, utilising microprocessor control and solid state technology to charge most 12V AGM/Lead Acid, Gel, Calcium and LiFePO batteries

Heavy duty aluminium case and mounting brackets

Encapsulated and sealed to IP65 for under bonnet applications

Microchip monitoring and control

Fully automatic high frequency multi stage charging

Pulse mode technology that reduces oxidation, evens electrolyte consistency and minimises temperature equating to longer battery life

Easy push button chemistry selection: Lead Acid/ AGM (including VRLA and conventional flooded batteries), Gel, Calcium and LiON (LiFePO4)

LED indicators showing stage of charge

Internal charger temperature monitoring and power output control

Over charging, short circuit and over temperature protection

Reverse polarity protection:
1. Input reverse polarity protection
2. Output reverse polarity protection

Thermal overload protection

Solar input overload protection

Power cut memory function: once selected, the charger will remain on this battery type until it is changed

MPPT solar charge control

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Matson MA40DCS 40 amp Dc to Dc Charger
Matson DC to DC Charger 12v 40 amp Solar Input Lithium Compatible

In stock (can be backordered)