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Electrical Spark Plugs


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Spark Plug Thread Chaser


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Toledo Spark Plug Gap Gauge


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Blue Bar Industries understands the importance of efficient bike servicing, and that's why we offer a comprehensive range of top-quality spark plug tools. Our bike electrical services selection includes spark plug thread chasers, spark plug thread insert kits, Toledo adjustable spark plug testers, Toledo spark plug gap gauges, and Toledo spark plug starters. With these high-quality tools, you can ensure precise spark plug installation and maintenance, resulting in optimized bike performance.

Spark plug thread chasers are essential for cleaning and restoring damaged or dirty threads in the cylinder head. Our thread chasers are crafted with precision to provide a perfect fit and remove debris or carbon buildup, ensuring proper spark plug installation and preventing cross-threading.

Spark plug thread insert kits offer a reliable solution for repairing damaged threads in the cylinder head. These kits include thread inserts that can be installed to restore the threads, allowing for secure spark plug installation. Our thread insert kits are designed to withstand the high temperatures and pressures experienced in bike engines.

Toledo adjustable spark plug testers enable you to verify spark plug performance and diagnose ignition issues. These testers feature adjustable gaps to simulate different spark plug conditions, allowing you to assess the spark quality and determine if replacements are necessary. With our spark plug testers, you can identify potential problems before they impact your bike's performance.

Toledo spark plug gap gauges ensure accurate spark plug gaps, promoting optimal combustion and engine efficiency. These gauges are precision-engineered and provide measurements for various spark plug gap specifications. Choose from our range of Toledo gap gauges to ensure precise gap adjustments for your bike's spark plugs.

Toledo spark plug starters simplify the process of installing spark plugs, especially in hard-to-reach areas. These tools securely hold the spark plug, allowing for easy and controlled insertion into the cylinder head. With our spark plug starters, you can save time and ensure proper alignment during installation.

Browse our selection of spark plug tools today and equip yourself with the finest tools for efficient bike servicing. Blue Bar Industries has everything you need to elevate your spark plug maintenance game.


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