LED Stop/Tail/Indicator Lights 12 / 24v 100x108mm Pair


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LED Stop/Tail/Indicator Lamp

  • 24 LEDs.
  • Overall Size: 100 x 108 x 32mm.
  • Multi-volt 12 & 24V Applications.


The professionally designed 80mm x 80mm Led Module in a ABS surround 100 x 108mm in Black offers a fully waterproof, Tamperproof design.

With 12 Vibrant Amber Leds and 12 Red LEDs encased within an Amber lens and 400mm wire attached all set-in resin to make lamp fully submersible.

The BL-203 series modules have a 20mm recess enabling you to hide any wire joins.

Ideal for caravans, trailers etc., where you need to mount via screws from outside and can’t get access to use bolts/nuts, with this design you can use either method of mounting on the strong 4 mounting tabs on led module.

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